The edutainment center for families “Zili Brīnumi Jūrmala” in shopping and entertainment center “Korso”, 37 Jomas street, Jūrmala. The exposition is based on the children's book "Wonders / social physics for kids". Unique, interactive exhibits, children’s celebrations and space rental for corporate events.


M.-F. 13.00-19.00
S.-S. 11.00-19.00

For educational institutions we offer to visit center daily from 10.00 on previous appointment, calling to phone number +371 25301855 on working days from 13.00-19.00.


Phone number:
+371 25301855


Single                                7€
Family*                             20€
Group*                              6€ (per person)
18:00-19:00                       3
People with disabilities      4€
Pensioners                        4€
Teachers                           1€
Renting the premises        220 €/h
Place for party meal         30€/h
Trips out of the premises 230€ + 0.40 € per km from Jūrmala

Single                                8€
Family*                             25€
Group*                              7€ (per person)
18:00-19:00                       4
People with disabilities      4€
Pensioners                         4€
Teachers                           1€
Renting the premises        260 €/h
Place for party meal         40€/h
Trips out of the premises 230 + 0.40 € per km from Jūrmala

*Family ticket - 2 adults and 3 children.
*Group ticket – from 15 persons.
*A group visit must be booked.
*Children up to the age of 4 – free admission.
*Teachers and assistants with class – free admission.
*The price of experiments is not affected by the number of people.
*The ticket is valid the whole day.
*Please call the center after 12.00.
*Opening hours and prices can change.
*Before visiting, please consult the website regarding availability for the specific day.
*The premises include a designated area for children’s parties.
*Party booking deposit: 30€.


*Read the rules :)
*Kindness and mutual respect.
*Responsibility for your belongings.
*Responsibility for your safety.
*Parents are responsible for minors below the age of 18.
*The exhibits should be used with wisdom and respect, not force.
*Don’t bring in any food or drink.
*Don’t bring in or use alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
*Being in the premises intoxicated is not allowed.
*Please try to be quiet and don’t run through the premises.
*By buying the ticket you agree to these rules.


Children’s book. Social physics, or the basics of systems theory for kids. Click on the image and check the full digital free version of Wonders. 
ISBN: 9789934111778, Hardcover, Pages: 32 Age range: 4 – 12 Years, Product size: in 8×8 / m 20×20